Welcome. Photography has been a fun and creative challenge that I have enjoyed for many years. It helps me to slow down and focus on the world around me (pun completely intended) and to appreciate those things that can so easily go unnoticed. I grew up on the East coast (Maryland) and currently live in the Midwest (Indiana). I started snapping photos when I was around 10 years old. My first "real" camera was a Kodak Brownie given to me as a gift. I bought my first SLR, a Canon FTb (the one used for my profile picture), when I was in college. I have been hooked on Canon equipment ever since. While largely self-taught, I have attended programs put on by RMSP, our local Roberts store, and Kelby Training. I have also had the pleasure of participating in workshops with several outstanding photographers such as John Shaw, David FitzSimmons, and Ian Plant (all of whom I would recommend to others).

I would describe my primary focus as being nature and bird photography; however, I enjoy looking through the viewfinder at a wide variety of subjects, especially my family. As a non-photography-related professional, I suppose luck influences my images at least as much as skill. Nevertheless, I am always looking for ways to improve both technically and artistically so as to make every click of the shutter count. I am also working to enhance my post-capture workflow to bring out the most compelling "performance" from each digital "score". To that end, I would very much appreciate your comments on my work (you can use the "Add a Comment" button on each gallery page or contact me by e-mail at Again, thanks for visiting and I hope you come back to see new work as it gets published to the site.